Steve and Gracie-Tandem Sky Dive

Steve and Gracie-Tandem Sky Dive

Steve Adams works with children and adults who have a range of disabilities. He has also won a special award for his services to disability sport (as pictured below with Paralympic Gold Medalist Hannah Cockcroft).

Steve is currently fighting a long battle with Kidney (Renal) Cancer. Close to Steve’s heart is the work he does with the Great Britain Amputee Football Team, many of whom have lost limbs due to cancer, which is obviously very close to home for Steve.
These players often have to fund their own travel expenses and hotel bills all over the world, even though they’re representing their country having overcome massive challenges in their lives.

Inspired by these amazing individuals, Steve and his wonderful daughter Gracie are performing a Tandem Skydive on July 4th 2013 (not together).

Please donate to help these fantastic athletes. For those who haven’t witnessed them in action, please visit the EAFA website. MAKE A DONATION

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